Our mission

Driving business value through online communications

Our ultimate goal is to help our clients to earn more, spend less and make their employees & customers happy, –  through the effective use of digital workplace solutions and online communications software.

Our values

We are checking all our work against those core values. They are equally important in our communications with customers and internally within the Linkers team.

Customer happiness

Smiling and satisfied customers are our top priority

Hard-working for results

We are ready to go extra mile to achieve perfect results


Our commitments and obligations are unbreakable

Perfectionism & Quality

The higher you strive for in terms of perfection and quality, the higher you get

Being Smart and Resourceful

We believe there's always a way to solve any business problem

Openness and Transparency

Being open and transparent means respect and care for each other

Our team of genuinely gifted minds 🙂

CEO, Gemini

Anna Kravets

Anna has a profound expertise in digital transformation and digital workplace areas. She'pretty good in some analogue things as well. For example Anna is great in understanding true customer's business needs and translating those from human-ish to IT-ish. She's also combining creativity, responsibility and hard-working to ensure you will always have a top-notch solution and just be glad with our work in any circumstances.
Anna is an employee-oriented CEO, that’s why she always creates comfortable working conditions for our team.
By the way, Anna can run 35 kilometers and her dream is to overcome the marathon distance. She will reach this goal soon! Moreover, she learns to play guitar, adores drawing and practices stand-up comedy from time to time.
Project Manager, Aquarius

Natalia Scherbina

Over the past few years, Natalia has been leading and driving various community projects over the world for industries like Telecom, Retail, FMCG, Finance, and Insurance. She has experience in driving cultural and digital transformation, and gamification projects with the power of intranet platforms tools and analytics.
She is a client-oriented project manager which helps her to develop a unique digital workplace according to your demands.
Thanks to her versatile digital workplace-related experience Natalia is an invaluable contributor to our blog. Feel free to read her articles and like them 🙂
Furthermore, Natalia is a soon-to-be PhD in philosophy, enjoys drawing and even plays the violin!
Sr. Front-End Developer, Gemini

Dmitry Mandrichenko

Dmitry is our Sr. Front-End Developer. He develops high-quality products and customers enjoy using his software creations. Dima is like an artist in software development - he has a great feeling of aesthetics. That's why he produces perfect UI and fancies Apple products.
He adores late-night pizza and watching TV shows. You can always rely on his movie or music recommendations. He is extremely cheerful and is usually eager to joke.
Sr. Back-End Developer, Capricornus

Iurii Luzan

Iurii is our Sr. Back-End Developer. If we have any kind of problem, we just say, “We need a hero” - and Iurii helps us. He has studied Applied Math in Kyiv Polytechnic University. That helps him to find the most optimal solutions for our clients. Thanks to his analytical mind, Iurii usually knows what customers want before they learn it themselves 🙂
Iurii was living for a while in Southeast Asia. He adores Korean food and his dream is to open his own restaurant. Iurii is fond of sports, namely roller skating, skiing, running etc.
The Founder, Aquarius

Roman Kravchenko

Roman is a true serial enterpreneur as they use to say in Silicon Valley or to write at TechCrunch.com. In fact he has grown to be a meta-entrepreneur and an investor by now, engaging and driving other tech startup founders on their way to worldwide success, profits and customer love. ANROM Social Business is Roman’s very first creation. Since then, he has started LiveBoard.io - IoT software platform, and IoT Hub - accelerator and incubator of internet-of-things start-ups. The companies above are just the top of the iceberg of projects and organizations Roman’s been creating and developing. For example, he also leads and sponsors production of full-length documentary films about dramatic, enlightening and inspirational stories of tech startups.
Roman is a great leader and community-builder. One can often find him speaking at some tech conference, mentoring at a hackathon or being among the jury on some demoday.
Roman's hobbies are inseparable from his work actually. We can only add that he enjoys business and self-development literature, his wife & three sons.
Project Manager & QA, Libra

Oleg Deneshchuk

Oleg is our QA Engineer and Project Manager. He is a perfectionist, therefore he provides products and results of highest quality. He is an expert with Jive, SharePoint, Verint (Telligent) and many more digital workplace platforms.
Oleg is extremely responsible and diligent. You can doubtlessly rely on him while developing, deploying and supporting an intranet solution. Moreover, he will be a helping hand in generating useful and attractive content for your community.
Oleg enjoys outdoor activities. He is fond of cycling, boxing, swimming.
Sr. Front-End Developer, Sagittarius

Michael Yegorov

Michael is ANROM’s Sr. Front-End Developer. He is a creative and a highly skilled software engineer. Usually, most complex apps and challenging projects we get are on Michael.
Michael is so into communications that he has developed his own communications software product.
In addition to the above talents Michael is great with design, music and photography. He loves gadgets, computer games, board games and anime.
Fairy of Finance, Taurus

Elena Meshchriakova

Elena is much more than accountant for ANROM - she is the heart and soul of our operations. Elena has joined our team 10 years ago. Since then she has filed countless tax reports, prepared thousands of invoices and even contributed to a number of Intranet conferefences. So Elena fully understands what she’s billing clients for 🙂
Elena is a very proactive and responsible person. She has plenty of life and work experience which makes her a great co-worker and a team-building companion.
Elena lives in Italy. She is an eager and curious explorer of museums, architecture and nature. She enjoys travelling, ice-cream and cheese 🙂
CTO, Libra

Eugene Shulga

Eugene is our Chief Technical Officer, co-founder and just a Technical Megamind. He has deep experience both with large-scale enterpise-level systems and startup software development. Front-end and Back-end, Mobile and Desktop, UX and Information Security, Agile and Waterfall, - it seems he can do and manage it all.
Eugene is a systematic but flexible technical leader. He is respected by all ANROM developers and customers for his professionalism and hard-working. Eugene is also an extremely fast learner, cracking almost a technology a week, so he is always up-to-date with new IT & Digital trends.
He is fond of tech innovations and is an active contributor to various IoT startups, like Pix Backpack and SolarGaps. He loves tasty food and board games.
Project & Product Manager, Aries

Natalia Domanska

Natalia is an exceptional project manager in the tech industry with a twist - her passion for freediving. With over 15 years of experience, Natalia’s ability to communicate effectively with different stakeholders from various regions and cultures made her a real asset to the team. But what makes her stand out further is how her love for freediving speaks to her ability to focus with a clear mind and power, attributes that translate well in any project she leads.
Currently, Natalia is leading the Employee Recognition product development for ANROM’s tech partner, LumApps. Her expertise in psychology enables her to incorporate behaviour design into product development, ensuring that ANROM’s gamification tool is values-based and engaging, ensuring it connects with end-users at a personal level. On top of that, Natalia’s MBA adds great value in ensuring that projects are completed on time, within scope and budget, and with the Client’s best interests in mind.
Sr. Front-End Developer, Pisces

Ihor Lushpei

Ihor is our Sr. Front-End Developer, the “Verint (Telligent) Man” in our company. He's got a huge experience with development of applications, widgets and themes for Verint (Telligent), Cornerstone, Jive, SharePoint and a ton of other intranet platforms. He is implementing solutions for a large variety of global companies in North America, Europe, and Asia.
Apart from having a degree in Computer Science, he received a degree in Economics.
Igor is extremely friendly and helpful. He's the type of guy who would change the button’s color back-and-forth a million times for you and will still keep smiling 🙂
Ihor lives in the countryside, so he regularly delivers tasty fruit and nuts to our office. He is also into cooking, driving and running + various other sport activities.
Sr. Full Stack Developer, Virgo

Shachinandan Kishor das

Kishor is a Sr. Full Stack Developer. He is a yes-person when it comes to work. Therefore Kishor often finds himself working with new platforms and technologies for us 🙂 He is ANROM’s master of apps and integrations.
Kishor is a true cosmopolitan: he was born in the USSR (Republic of Belarus), has got a degree in Philosophy in India and lives in Israel at the moment.
Kishor is deep into ashtanga yoga and vedic philosophy.