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I haven't met more responsive, result-oriented, attentive and cool tech support in my 32 years. It's always only: "Yes, we can do this!"

Gleb ShulishovEx-Chief Innovation Manager, Enter

I worked with the team of ANROM (rebranded to "Linkers") in a project to introduce a digital workplace at VEON and I know them well as a client. If it was necessary to urgently solve the problem, it was solved promptly, if it was necessary to train 2,000 people, we together found a solution how to do it, if it was necessary to check the presentation at 7 am, we did it. I admired that ANROM (rebranded to "Linkers") team created a minimum of noise, while solving problems with cosmic speed.

Bakyt KurmanbekovNew products and businesses manager

One of the best parts of our partnership is that we are still evolving in our relationship and the Technology Process 2.0 is pushing us to build a superior internal process that will ultimately increase client value. We've had challenges and successes but our partnership endures because we are both committed to the success of the other.

John ReynoldsCTO, Social Edge Consulting

I have worked with Linkers in a range of projects on launching and developing Digital Workplace Solutions for large companies. Linkers is a system integrator with huge experience in implementing creative, nontrivial projects, which are continuously recognized on a global level!

Berezhnaya OlgaHRD&ORG Development, Metinvest Digital
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