Silver Winner Of 2021 Intranet & Digital Workplace Awards By Step Two Designs

Raiffeisen Bank Aval Ukraine (Case 2020-2021)

Raiffeisen Bank Aval is the largest Ukrainian bank with foreign capital. Since 1992 they have been actively working with small and medium businesses, supporting Ukrainian entrepreneurs.

Project goals

  • Make a sexy intranet within the high-security standards.
  • Make an effective solution for publishing and following current news at all levels of the company.
  • Develop a community with an advanced knowledge base.
  • Engage people to be an active part of the community.
  • Make an extensive network of employees contacts.

What we had

An old rusty intranet. No one liked it, no one thought it was cool.

A lot of elements, cluttered space, simple “image with a text piece” elements.

What we made

Modern design with plenty of space.

Interactive elements and live news feeds. Convenient navigation.

What obstacles we had

Given. An old intranet with a boring inconvenient outdated interface with an actual lack of UI/UX approach, and dissatisfied users.

The project team faced the situation when we had to restore faith in SharePoint as a good solution for the company as they already had SharePoint as the platform for the current intranet.

  • A very secure international bank with a lot of branches in Europe and the headquarter in another country.
  • No one is interested in the current intranet so we need to make the new one not just good but launch it loud and bright.
  • Every custom solution should be easy to use to make it attractive for the community managers, content leaders, and simple users.

Our solution

Fast launch

It took only 6 months to prepare and fully launch a community for more than 6k users with more than 13 additional complex custom web parts and tools.

Flexibility in the adoption dev team’s solutions

The kick-off team on the client’s side trusted us in key issues of development and UI/UX architecture, which allowed us to quickly optimize the development process, situationally changing approaches within custom solutions.

Advanced gamification

We want to emphasize gamification again because making people happier is our main goal, and gamification backed by nice gifts is a great way to engage your users on the intranet.

We used the history of the company as an intranet feature. Taking the best features from the main site of the company we made it familiar yet something new and fresh for the employees.

Flexibility in using customization methods

We used all available ways to customize SharePoint: custom web parts, lists, extensions, apps (for MS Teams integration with SharePoint), etc.

A massive pack of custom tools

Along with community managers and the HR department, we agreed to develop a set of web parts and tools to make the community personalized and comfortable for all user groups, from content leaders to field staff. These custom items included the following groups:

  • Personalized workspace (my tasks, my events, my tools)
  • News block (news stream, news slider)
  • Corporate and brand awareness (timeline, interactive map)
  • Working activity optimization (navigation, depository activities, ideation, employee directory)
  • Gamification
Community users
Users like usability improvements
Saved human-hours
Saved on less time for searching information

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