Globally Recognized Digital Workplace

Gold Winner of 2018 Intranet & Digital Workplace Awards by Step Two Designs

Vodafone Ukraine’s intranet is a powerful combination of standard portal functionality, internal social network and online collaboration features. All of the above is seasoned with integrations to other business critical IT systems (like SAP HCM, SAP Finance, Active Directory, IT Service Desk, Lotus Domino business apps, etc.). That’s why we consider it essential part of our digital workplace ecosystem. And it’s proved by numbers, which you’ll see further 🙂

Global navigation
Dynamic search-as-you-type
Most Important & popular destinations
Access to other important business systems
Company-wide news and updates
User-generated content: top liked blog posts of the day
Intelligent personalized activity stream

Annual ROI

on less time for searching information
on less time for emails on cross-functional communications
on speeding up employee onboarding
on less time for meetings

Our PROSTOR is like Barcelona - radiant, engaging, alive, open for each and every one. Whoever you are - PROSTOR is the thing where you find value! Want to thank colleagues for help? - Give each of them OVATION via PROSTOR! Want to share emotions after corporate event? Publish a blog post in PROSTOR and gather likes. Is it important for you to stay on top of key Company news? Read and comment it in PROSTOR's "Equator of the week" space. PROSTOR is what bands together more than 3K employees over entire Ukraine, all of them being so different and so alike at once. PROSTOR is our trendy today and digital tomorrow, which thrills!

Nadezhda SirenkoHR Director, Vodafone Ukraine

Speaking on me personally, thanks to PROSTOR I have understood who I want to be and what I want to do. Back in 2014 my boss, today's CEO, asked me if I want to take up some new project, called "PROSTOR". I agreed and became one of PROSTOR's pioneers in our region. From here, we have been developing in synergy. Largely, work has become easier and brighter. I was excited to write, cover corporate events and connect with people. I was moving all critical business information and documents to PROSTOR, where everybody could serve himself or herself with it. And so now, being here, among PROSTOR's admins, I can see bigger picture and accomplish more. I enjoy it. It develops me. I am working in internal communications now and it's a great destination of my long journey.

Natalia LevkivskaHR expert, Vodafone Ukraine

As a typical modern person I am using various digital platforms to satisfy my need in communication and learning something new.
With PROSTOR you can both instantly build up informal connections with colleagues and make business together.
PROSTOR gave us ability to create cross-functional projects in an easy, free way. You can always find something relevant and new here, give open feedback on ideas, changes and suggestions. Every role in our company implies being a team player. If you are fond of some sport, like running in my case, you can find sport buddy and build your team with ease.

Olga VechirContact Center Group leader, Vodafone Ukraine

PROSTOR gives us opportunity to communicate cross-functionally, watch latest company news and telco trends. It is a tool for getting prompt response on any question to any business unit. Actually, PROSTOR is the only way to submit your application for any contest or project.

Leonid YudinExpert in B2B Sales, Vodafone Ukraine