About VEON

VEON, a NASDAQ-listed global provider of communications services, formerly known as VimpelCom, aspires to lead the personal internet revolution for more than 210 million customers it serves today, and many others in the years to come.

VEON Eurasia in 2017

At the time of our project start Eurasia Business Unit consisted of companies in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Tajikistan and Georgia. That was around 50 million customers in the Eurasian countries with 113.5M total population. Team size of the unit was more than 9500 employees.

New way to think and work – with Digital Workplace

All too often, as companies mature, they become segmented into departments with separate silos, creating an unintentionally competitive atmosphere between teams that holds back the collaborative approach and the sharing of knowledge.

Digitalization has the power to burn these barriers to the ground. Jive-powered intranet as a leading digital workplace solution became the weapon of choice to fight company’s internal “dinosaurs”:

  • legacy values and mindset
  • scattered communications
  • redundant corporate structure
  • bureucracy

Having those “dinos” spotted and transformation goals defined, joint VEON and Linkers team built up intranet implementation strategy mapped to core needs of the business.


7 countries, one place to go

To make digital workplace our ubiquitous tool for transformation we started from unifying company’s communications. We literally “killed” separated time-worn intranets of each country, substituting them with single cloud-based intranet solution.

At the same time each country had its own secondary homepage for local news, discussions and collaboration. All such homepages shared similar structure but had unique identity, based on national colors or local brand identity.

User Adoption Statistics

Content Creators

3.2% higher than for a typical best-in-class Jive community

Active Participants

7% higher than for a typical best-in-class Jive community than for a typical best-in-class Jive community


Community members who only search and view content

Top Use-Case

Customer-obsessed in action

One VEON's corporate values is being customer-obsessed. That’s is also obvious from our community stats. Spaces, groups and content on Customer Service initiatives are usually in the top charts by popularity.
Video from top-managers of Beeline Armenia on “How to love a Customer”, which went viral in our community.

Top Use-Case

Gamified recognition

One of the pillars of VEON Eurasia’s cultural transformation is gamified employee recognition. We are actively using Jive Rewards out-of-the box capabilities to support that and especially value mobile gamification features in Jive Daily. Employees thank their colleagues for help or acting within one of our values – with a matching badge. We also use quests to motivate people to share inspirational stories around the values, follow news on culture-related topics.

Top Use-Case

Single employee directory and orgchart

You can probably imagine what a headache it may take to find contacts of the right person in multi-country and multi-brand organization, where no single employee directory exists. VEON Eurasia were among such organizations before introducing their digital workplace. It could take up to several days to find a needed contact on a project, if somebody relevant to the topic was on vacation. After project implementation this mission required up to several minutes.

Top Use-Case

Career Center

VEON’s deep transformation encourages ambitious career moves and gives lots of opportunities for that. We aggregate all those opportunities in Eurasian Career center, taking actual vacancies from both group-level and regional recruiters plus via integrations with Lever (applicant tracking system).