NB! We don’t want to hurt anyone, we love our readers.

Back-end developer – is the person that makes the skeleton (ugly but working) of the item.

Communication – this is what you see in the estimate response, and, usually, hate, thinking that this is just a way to get more money from you. In fact, this is what unites all status calls, corrections, clarifications, research, and other parts that are left ‘behind the scenes’.

CSS is broken – it’s when you see a crooked and ugly page. This is not a problem and this can be fixed easily (in most cases).

Debugging – we need to reproduce the issue to investigate it, work with it, and fix it.

Front-end developer – is the person that makes ugly skeleton beautiful and user-friendly.

Guestimated – we gave you a REALLY rough estimate.

Internet Explorer – secure but very capricious. Persona non grata for web developers.

Not a bug but a feature – this may not be something you like but it’s the best option to make things quick and working OR something that is better to be left as it is.

Project manager – this person is a translator from IT people to the world. Helps you to get from developers what you want. 

Rich text editor aka RTE – this makes your texts look beautiful.

Screenshot – this is not the photo of your screen made with your phone.

Screenshot with the console – we love when you send us this as incoming data.

SSO – you will be able to log in to the community using the name and password from your office laptop.

SSO is secure – we will not keep your passwords and will not give them to other people.

The screen is not rubber – it means that the screen space contains the exact amount of pixels, and there are limits for the items you can add to one screen view.

This logic is impossible – it doesn’t mean we don’t want to do it for you, it means we want you to be happy with your community and not break your laptop while surfing the community.

This needs to be upgraded – we did not make a bug, we want the functionality to work properly.

User-friendly – the users will say “thank you”.

View – this is what you see or might see on your screen. 

We are investigating this issue – it doesn’t mean we don’t know what to do, it just means that we need to examine all premises and all possible problems we may face while fixing it.

We need a back-end developer for this item – it means that the item requires more effort than it looks like.

Widgets / Tiles / Web parts – they make your community interactive and trending.

More to come 🙂

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