Quest to improve the success rates of the sales department

Why should you motivate your staff to do their work? Because happy employees are productive employees. The more motivated they are, the more profit you will get.

There are plenty of ways to motivate and encourage staff but some of them will give you even more profit than you can expect. One of such ways is gamification within your digital workplace.

Let’s draw a very simple explanation of the profit.

  • The main purpose of any digital workplace is to make communication easier and faster in order to save more money.
  • The main purpose of any sales is to earn more money.
  • So the best way here is to use your community to motivate your employees. As the result, you will get better work results from the staff and make your community more popular and understandable for the users.

Profit – check!

Successful business

This one is about making sales as a competition so employees can have some fun doing their job. It requires a pretty and understandable UI part so the competitors will see their success. There are plenty of options for the theme of the quest. It can be racing, football (or any other sports activity), city building, treasure hunt, collecting armor for a character, etc. Our example will demonstrate the racing decision.

The idea is to call all the contestants races and display their success on the interactive map with the status for every contestant. If you want to engage more users to your quest and make it more sophisticated you can add different tracks with different routes for different teams. As a result, you won’t have to make separate development for every team.

An alternative option is to use different traces as the different levels of the quest. So the quest will take more time and will and will take place in stages. It’s up to you to decide which option you want to use for your community.

It is always better to see your success, it is best to see your success in an interactive and beautiful way.

Advice! Think about reusing the development for other projects. You can use it for another department or modify it to permanent gamification for all the users so they will see their success in the community. It is always better to see your success, it is best to see your success in an interactive and beautiful way.

Quest structure:

  • Preparation of a completely custom development with a map with indicators of the success of the race (competition) participants.
  • Each successful sale is displayed as a bonus to the employee’s piggy bank within the project. This employee advances further in the race.
  • The map displays contestants, race leaders, and project timelines.
  • Winners are determined automatically by success metrics as part of development. As a reward, winners receive badges in their profiles and other prizes such as training courses, trips to conferences, and merch products.

Stage 1

  • Collecting requirements and writing technical specifications documents based on these requirements.
  • Coordination of design and technical specifications. Communication on the implementation of development with the collection of data on the success of employees.
  • Development of a map and a success counter.

Stage 2

  • Preparation of promoting posts for the launch of the quest. Preparation of instructions.
  • Launching promoting posts and instructing quest participants.

Stage 3

  • The passage of the quest by employees.
  • Collect data and determine winners.
  • Reward the winners.
  • Calculation of the statistics of the success of employees who participated in the quest. Analysis of statistics and the formation of a further strategy for the development of the sales office.

Use these ideas as the constructor to create your own quest to launch a successful product. Feel free to contact us if you want to get the personalized quest(s) for any purpose or leave your email here so we could contact you 🙂



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