During the fourth industrial revolution, the engagement of employees is a management priority. According to the Global Human Capital trends study by Deloitte, more than 50% of business leaders showed the urgency and importance of this task.

Furthermore, organizations have to be transparent as younger generation employees require. This suggests the transformation of culture should begin with maximum involvement of employees in company’s strategic goals.

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You, as an online community manager, obviously know that a social intranet is the first tool that could solve employees engagement issue. However, employees of your organization are not happy anymore with communication and collaboration tool that is being used as an intranet. They are not engaged. Their contribution to the social network of your organization is continuously decreasing. You do not have any idea on why it has happened. If you are nodding reading this statement it means your intranet gets stuck. Let’s dive into possible issues and try to figure out how to fix that. We can look closely to the most common situation through the following case study.

Case: Your business wants to easily find someone with necessary skills to run a project. For a big size company, it takes several days or even weeks to locate talents.

As we know,  number one function of an intranet for employees is an opportunity to tell others about themselves. Creating a unique profile with a key personal information such as skills and professional background, an employee increases the chances of promotion within the company and involvement in projects. So, how to get this feature working?

3 Steps to win:

Make new hires to  fill out their intranet profiles as a part of your Onboarding process. As a  community manager, you can celebrate online every newbie’s profile. Write a personalized welcome comment/status update for every  freshman based on their profile info. Rate them. Give some gifts or any other recognition to people who have most complete skills & expertize information in their profiles. Simplify a filling profile process. Follow 3S strategy: Short, Simple and Sexy. The simpler process is, the havier and nicer profiles you get.
Involve Project Management Office to find internal project managers using the intranet. Gather PMOs’ pains about finding right people for the right project. Learn how they form projects teams. Help to get new project members using your intranet. Promote cases when PMO people find people via intranet fast and easy. Improve this process continuously.
Get Non-Stop Feedback from employees of your organization. Be open to get any feedback. Sounds like everyone has already known about this step but sometimes we are more responsive to our customers and not to employees. Basically, our clients are our colleagues. Meet their needs.

When you implement all these three steps in your working routine, let us know what result you have got. If you know how to rise employees engagement to the social network, you can share your ideas right here in the comments below.

Let’s keep our intranets far away from any stagnation, and make awesome things to be actual and transparent for all employees of our organization.

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