Employees would be more productive if work were more game-like. (1)


Employees would favor work for a company if it had gamified recruitment process. (2)

Make cultural transformation easy and fun!

Gamification can reinforce the importance of corporate values by providing positive feedback and recognition for behaviors that align with those values. This can help to embed values into the culture of the organization and encourage employees to incorporate them into their daily work.

Moreover, values-based employee recognition can provide data on how employees are engaging with corporate values. This data can be used to identify areas where employees may need additional support or training and to measure progress towards achieving goals related to corporate values.


Create a badge for every corporate value

Don't forget about clear descriptions, so employees understand what each value implies

Make recognition easy

Make the action of Recognizing a colleague easy-to-find and use

Make praises visible

Make pride work 🙂 Let everybody see the awards people get with a prominent awards stream!

Next Steps

  1. Create topic groups and tags for values-based content generating. Also, these groups should contain the description of every value so the users could investigate and understand them.
  2. Every group should be branded by the chosen corporate value, and contain the list of the tasks for getting additional points and the badge to the user profile.
  3. The users generate the value-based content and the points for this content. When finished all the tasks (create a value-based blog post, subscribe to the group activity, like the content), the users get the badge to their profile.
  4. Top managers like and comment on these posts.
  5. Also, users are able to give each other the badges with the logos of the values as ‘thank you’ for the help. The logic is the following: choose the user, choose the value, add the description / thank you text, and give it to the user.
  6. As a result, the users are motivated to get the badges to their profile and get the recognition of the top managers, so they generate the content, like, and comment this content as a part of the tasks to get the badge.
  7. Additionally, we collect the analytics of the popularity of every value to build the long-term strategy of popularizing our corporate culture.

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